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You’ve taped 100 paint samples on your wall in 87 shades of blue...

but it’s been two years now and you still haven’t picked a paint color!

You walk out of Target with the latest from the
Hearth and Hand collection, only to shove it in a closet…
 never to be seen again.

And if you come home with one more basket to get organized…
you may have to rent a storage unit!

You’re frustrated, because you want a beautiful and organized home...

but right now all it feels like is STRESS!

you wonder…

“Will I ever be able to create a meaningful space that we can all enjoy?”
Everyone deserves a home they love!
No matter if it’s 500 square feet or 5000 square feet.
Let me show you how.​

creating a beautiful home should be easy...

After all, there are a million blogs out there telling you exactly how to decorate and organize your spaces.
Plus we live in a place where you can literally buy any style of anything you want and get it delivered in less than 24 hours.
All these choices often lead to two major things.
Confusion and Overwhelm.
If you’ve ever struggled with making home decor decisions I want you to know something.
You are not alone.
It’s not because you lack the skills to be an amazing homemaker or that you just aren’t creative enough…
… it’s because you don’t have systems.
Systems help you cut out all the noise of Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.
They help you make confident decisions.
Let’s face it, right now you are spending a lot of time and money on things that aren’t giving you the home you desire.


the truth is...

Once you put some simple systems in place, creating the home of your dreams will be stress-free instead of stressful.

  • You’ll be able to confidently walk into a paint store and make a quick decision on a paint color and finish that project in a weekend.
  • You’ll take those baskets out of storage and use them to organize your pantry which will create less chaos during your daily routines.
  • You’ll only buy something at Target because you have a place for it now and it’s part of your overall plan for your home.

No more guilt!

here's what you need to know...

Anyone Can Have a Meaningful Home They Love and Enjoy.


Contrary to popular belief, people aren’t born knowing how to decorate or entertain. 
However, everyone can learn how to find their style, get organized, and implement systems with the right support

here's the solution...

  • A simple, easy-to-use and reliable resource so you can get answers to your decorating, organizing, renovating and entertaining-related questions and confidently watch your house transform into a home you feel proud of.
  • A confusion-free knowledge base so you can learn simple strategies for getting rid of clutter, cleaning things up, and creating smart storage solutions.
  • An expert on hand to give you personalized (yes, personalized!) advice about your decor so you never have to second-guess which curtains to choose or which rug works best in your space.

get all of this and more with...

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Interior Decorator in Your Pocket.

Nina Hendrick Academy is the ONLY resource you’ll ever need for home decorating, entertaining, renovating and organizing!
Because…. it goes way deeper than any blog post, YouTube video or book ever could. It gives you access to a community of obsessed home enthusiasts, so you can connect with one another and get support and feedback. 
No more having to go to others who don’t share your same level of excitement. 
It digs deep into how to create systems in your home so you can make decisions quickly, no more wasting time and money on the wrong decorating decisions. And you get access to Nina’s direct feedback to help guide you on your choices during the monthly group calls.  
Do you know how much a designer costs???
With Nina Hendrick Academy you can confidently walk into your home feeling a sense of joy instead of stress. You can say “yes” to more friends stopping by and “yes” to more relaxing moments with your family. 
Wouldn’t it feel amazing to say goodbye to indecision, wasted time, and stress and hello to a home you love and enjoy! 

Here's How All of THis Happens Inside Nina Hendrick Academy



Discover your decorating style and learn how to choose a whole house color palette.



Transform your house to your dream home with DIY resources and project planners.



Learn simple strategies for getting rid of clutter and smart storage solutions.



Use these resources to create and host memorable events for your family and friends.

NHA is perfect for you if...​


You want to have the confidence to decorate your home and entertain your friends without the stress of making the wrong choices.

NHA is perfect for you if...​


You love watching home decorating shows and reading blogs but you still don’t have a clear plan of action to implement all the ideas you collect. You end up overwhelmed and confused.  You often end up spending lots of time and money on the wrong decor choices which leaves you even more frustrated and disappointed. 

NHA is perfect for you if...​


You’ve been trying to decorate, renovate or organize your home for a while but you are tired of doing it all on your own. You need support from others and a guide to make the process easier and faster. You just want it DONE now so you can enjoy it!
"I hesitated before joining the Academy as I wasn't sure about the monthly commitment - but it really is awesome. My house has already changed for the better. I'm looking forward to creating, with the help of the information from the Academy, a beautiful home that I'll be delighted to live in for many years to come!"
Jude D.
Calgary, AB

Here's What You Get With Nina Hendrick Academy:


Exclusive access to a members only private Facebook Community and a Members-Only Forum (hosted in the portal).

Monthly Group Calls with Nina

Get all of your unique and specific homemaking questions answered.

Printables & Resources

Receive access to a resource library of PDF printables and ebooks related to decorating, renovating, organizing, and entertaining.

Private Portal

The Academy is organized in a responsive Members-Only Portal so you can access your content.

& The Bonuses

Color Story Course (Value $197)

Nina’s Exclusive 1-1 Design Services Discount (value $200)

The Home Goals Printable Binder (Value $34.99)

ready to create a meaningful home that you love?

"I've never seen anything like the Academy Nina has put together. It's evident from the videos and e-books that she is sharing a lot of knowledge and resources with us. Some sources I knew of but, frankly, most, no, I did not. The quality of the work Nina has done led me to recommend the Academy to friends. Some are basic novices when it comes to home decor, etc., while others are more into decorating, organizing, and gardening. The beauty of the NH Academy is that there's benefit and knowledge there for everyone."
Marcia H.

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    Nina Hendrick

    Nina is a self-taught creative who founded her blog and company in 2010 under the name Enchanting Details. Today, Nina Hendrick Design Company is a well-known lifestyle brand. Nina loves helping others create a happy life and home through decorating, planning, organizing, and simplifying.

    Her best accomplishments by far are her three young children; Logan, Cooper, and Lyla. When she’s not blogging or designing she can often be found tackling a renovation project with her husband Mack in their 1980s fixer-upper. As a family the Hendricks love to visit their lake cabin in New Hampshire and play on the beach with their golden retriever Lucy. In those rare moments of quiet time, Nina can be found with a good book, cozy blanket, and a warm mug of black hazelnut coffee (or maybe even a margarita!).


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    We hope you'll want to stay, but we also understand that life happens. You can cancel your payments at any time right from the Academy Portal with two clicks. There aren't any hoops to jump through!

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    You are right there are tons of great ideas on the internet and chances are you’ve been collecting them for a while.

    The biggest difference between what you are finding on the internet and Nina Hendrick Academy is that we actually teach you the systems, tools and strategies you need to implement the ideas you have. 

    We help you put an end to indecisiveness, buying the wrong things, letting clutter and ideas build up and so much more. 

    We are all about helping you take action on your ideas so that you can finally have the home you dream of.

    Yes! In fact, we have a getting started section in the portal that specifically walks you through best tech practices for using the membership (just in case). We also teach you how to download and print all the materials as well as best practices for viewing the videos. We do not leave you hanging in any way, shape or form!

    Absolutely! We do have a community on Facebook. However, for those who do not wish to participate on Facebook, we also have a members-only forum within our membership portal.

    Yes, if you selected the monthly payment option, you will be charged on the date you selected each month. If you choose the yearly pay you will NOT be billed by the month buy on a yearly cycle instead. You will lock in your rate when you sign up however if you cancel and return you will forfeit the rate and must join at the new rate at the time you rejoin.

    Both! Nina will be active in the Facebook group, Membership Forum and Group Calls, but she’s so dedicated to making sure all your questions are answered promptly she also has a dedicated community manager to make sure your questions are answered in a timely manner.

    The great thing about memberships is that you can’t fall behind. We are here to support you and your goals on your timeline. The best thing to do is to be active in the forum and community to let us know how we can support you.

    We’d be so sorry to see you go, but completely understand that sometimes things change. You can cancel with two-clicks (no hoops to jump through!).  

    You can cancel your account at any time by going to your Account page and selecting the Subscription tab.

    Once you cancel your account you will retain access to the Academy until your current subscription period ends. You can of course rejoin anytime in the future!

    Please note that this also applies to annual memberships- you will continue to have access up through the end of the annual payment period and you will not be prorated the difference from when you cancelled. 

    Imagine this...

    You wake up in the morning to an organized house. You get the kids off to school with ease.  No searching for book bags or shoes or misplaced items because everything is in its place.   Later that day you get a text that a friend that she is in town and wanted to stop by … Instead of panic you feel excitement and joy to share a cup of coffee in your beautiful home catching up with your dear friend. You’ve gone from stressed and panicked throughout your day to a confident homeowner who enjoys the time in her space with her family in friends confident to have guests stop by ...  even on a whim.

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