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I want to learn how to . my home...

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

You dream of a home that’s meaningful and comfortable to enjoy with your family and friends.

But your home still isn't “Insta-Worthy”...

( more on this unicorn later on )

As a matter of fact, your to-do list and Pinterest Inspo Boards are growing longer and progress feels slower than a Target line on Christmas Eve. It’s frustrating.

I have sooo been there, my friend.

I should introduce myself.

I’m Nina, a combo of that girlfriend who you love to ask for design advice and a (fun, young, and virtual) Home Ec Teacher.

When we bought our first home, I remember reading magazines and visiting the bookstore, trying to find resources for all of the things that were overwhelming me about homemaking. We had moved far away from my family and friends, so I was a bit lonely, and we certainly didn’t have a big budget for home decor. I was searching for both community and guidance.

My solution at the time was to start a blog. I spent the last ten years immersing myself in learning about everything there is to do with homemaking, as well as renovating two houses along the way. Now I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned in the most comprehensive way possible, as well as build a community to support those facing the same challenges I was when I began.


 Brew that coffee and grab your favorite throw blanket, because we’re about to cozy up with the home you’ve always dreamed of...


A membership experience & community where homemakers* learn how to create a home that is both beautiful and meaningful.

*homemaker (our definition): anyone who wishes to create a home, no matter where they live or work.

take a peek inside


Virtual Membership Area

Video Content

Going one step beyond to demonstrate the content in our membership area with step-by-step courses, such as Color Story: Create a Whole House Color Scheme.


Favorites such as our printable planners and calendars combined with exclusive entertaining and holiday printables (not seen anywhere else)! 


Guides on topics like painting like a pro, adding character to your home, and decluttering all of the things.


not on facebook )


A members-only community where you can share your ideas, ask for advice, join accountability groups and challenges, and make friends!

Monthly q & A

Submit your questions and they may be chosen to be answered in our monthly Q & A. This can even be a mini room virtual design!

Your Choice

Your feedback and what you're trying to solve in your home is what determines the newest content. Use the suggestion box to share your wants and needs!

 Instead of pinning all of the things and signing up for a bunch of email lists freebies, you’ll have a full library of homemaking resources and an incredible community of homemakers who are on the same journey, all in one place.

Consider this your meaningful home blueprint

Just a Taste of What's Included in the Membership Area :

Our beautiful virtual membership area is password protected. With organized lessons and downloads, it provides a comprehensive blueprint for the area of your home you want to tackle. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, one of the first steps once you’re inside is a quiz that sends you on the right path.

Heart of Home Philosophy

If you've been around here for a while, you may already be familiar with this. The Heart of Home philosophy is woven all throughout Nina Hendrick Academy and everything we do here at Nina Hendrick Design Co. Essentially, it's all about focusing on meaning over perfection in our homes and enjoying time with those we care about.

Along with an initial orientation and goal setting, you'll find four main content areas:


Complete your whole house paint color scheme with the full Color Story course. Over time, this section will become a complete resource library for decorating your home, from choosing rug size to how to hang curtains!


Our classic printable planners enhanced and reimagined! Find weekly and monthly planners. You'll also find a Jumpstart for decluttering to get you ready for the new year!


Learn how I make a plan to organize our renovations and create one of your own. Get our ebooks for painting both interiors and kitchen cabinets as well as our guide for adding character to a builder grade home. Coming soon: building plans for all of our DIY builds.


Set your goals for entertaining and learn about my encouragement for opening your home to family and friends in spite of the "mess". You can also find party plans and printables, starting with the classic favorite Gone Fishin' printable party!

+ Bonus Content


Get our improved printable Holiday Planner as well as some exclusive printables coming soon. I will be adding new printables and inspiration for each coming holiday!


Explore decorating by season with a breakdown of my greatest seasonal decor hits, as well as seasonal decorating printables.


We’ll let you know when the doors open back up soon.

A little bit more about your teacher

Nina Hendrick is a self-taught creative who founded her blog and company in 2010 under the name Enchanting Details. Today, Nina Hendrick Design Company is a well-known lifestyle brand. Nina loves helping others create a happy life and home through decorating, planning, organizing, and simplifying.


Her best accomplishments by far are her three young children; Logan, Cooper, and Lyla. When she’s not blogging or designing she can often be found tackling a renovation project with her husband Mack in their 1980s fixer-upper. As a family the Hendricks love to visit their lake cabin in New Hampshire and play on the beach with their golden retriever Lucy. In those rare moments of quiet time, Nina can be found with a good book, cozy blanket, and a warm mug of black hazelnut coffee (or maybe even a margarita!).

This is what you’ve been searching for. No more frustration with the perfectly curated IG feeds. We’re going to dig down deep and find your real home goals and create a plan to bring them to fruition.  

Are you in? Join a tribe of homies (see what I did there?) to help you get started today!


No, it’s not inside. After a lot of reflection, I decided not to release the Everyday Planner this year. While I know there are many people who love it, I spent so much time creating and supporting it that I couldn’t create all of the other things I was hoping to create for you (like this Academy)!

There are goal pages as well as weekly and monthly planning pages inside the Academy, but they are un-dated. A video accompanies them to guide you through printing.

We hope you’ll want to stay, but get that things come up. 

Yes! You can cancel at any time with just two clicks. There’s no commitment for the Monthly membership. 

Please note: if you sign up for the Annual membership (pay all at once for the year) and cancel, you will continue to have access for the remainder of that year. Your annual pass will be canceled moving forward. You won’t be prorated the amount left in the year if you cancel.

That’s fine! Our Community is not a Facebook community. Instead, we built “our own private social network”. Everything you need is inside of the Academy. 🙂 

I will still be blogging! This isn’t me simply charging a membership fee for my blog. This is a way for me to serve you more thoroughly.

In the scheme of my business, this will take priority over the blog. The blog will return to its original intention of chronicling our home renovation, whereas this will become the step-by-step ways and resources in which I can help you.

Yes! All of the content mentioned on this page is available for the one monthly fee.

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