How to Create Printables

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Are you stuck on how to grow your email list? Do you feel like you "just can't figure this blogging thing out"?

You've probably heard terms like "lead magnet" and "opt-in incentive" thrown around. These are just other words for printables.

Let me tell you, my friend...

People LOVE Printables!


I know creating printables can seem overwhelming. There are so many graphic design programs out there, and they can be confusing and intimidating.

When I decided to start designing printables, I remember not knowing where to begin. It was only through a lot of trial-and-error combined with countless hours of research and watching tutorials that I put all of the pieces together and was able to create simple workflows.

I know it's a common dilemma for bloggers. One of the questions I most often receive is how I create the printables that I share on my blog. These bloggers are exactly where I was when I began- they want to create something beautiful to share with their readers, but they just don't know where to begin! This sparked an idea...

I would create a resource which walks you step-by-step thorough creating and sharing printables effectively to grow your blog!

How to Create Printables was born.

I created the course that I wish had existed when I started out. I am so excited and proud to share it with you today. Make sure to read on to learn more!

A printable is a digital design that can be downloaded and printed at home. Blog readers love printables! In my 2015 reader survey a whopping 85% of over 1200 respondents said that if they had to choose one thing to see more of on my blog, they would want more free printables. If my readers love printables that much, it's safe to say that yours will too!

Okay, but how can I actually use printables to grow my blog?

I'm so happy you asked, because this course shows you exactly how:

1. Planning & Inspiration: Look at your top evergreen blog posts, gather inspiration, and plan your design using basic design concepts.

2. Gathering Your Digital Supplies: Use your own artwork to create a printable, create a digital illustration in Adobe Illustrator, and explore some sources for pre-made digital graphics. We also go over the licensing and etiquette of these programs.

3. Designing a Printable: Bring everything together and create a series of printables. These tutorials walk you through step-by-step creating a printable in PicMonkey, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and more! You also learn how you can add text fields to your printables so your readers can add their own wording.

4. Sharing and Promoting Your Printable: Craft a perfect blog post with SEO-friendly images, add your printable to a blog post for a basic download, then bring it up a level by collecting email addresses in exchange for the printable. Schedule out social media shares and craft a perfect pinnable graphic to promote your printable.

5. Selling Your Printable: Explore the pros and cons of some popular platforms you can use to sell printables or other digital products. We also cover some considerations such as taxes and hiring help for technical support and customer service.

What Students Are Saying

How to Create Printables students are learning how to navigate design programs and are growing happy and engaged lists!

"I just wanted to say thank you for your course. I am having so much fun trying to create things. It makes me want to take more courses and learn more advanced options for Illustrator and Photoshop. I watch it again and again because I learn something new each time. I want to keep learning!"

Brookie Cowles

"This course is truly a blessing. Very informative, easy to understand, and a true guidance in teaching me about printables from start to finish. I knew nothing nor where to start about printables & now I feel confident creating printables either for my blog or personal use. This is by far one of the best investments I made and I am soooo happy I decided to choose this course How to Create Printables! Definitely recommend it!"

Sonia Sotelo-Barnes
Sonia's Passion

"I’ve been wanting a course like this forevvveeer. Making printables has always been a guessing game and there are a number of ways that it can be done. I’m so happy this course exists now so we all now how to make a printable!"


If you like numbers...

The chart shows my number of email subscribers before and after I began to implement the system that I share in the course.

Notice June 2016? That's when I began to set up my new strategy. I have been so happy with my growth since then, and I think you can see why!

In this course I show you exactly what I did, which will save you the months of stagnant numbers that I experienced.

5 Comprehensive Modules

I walk you through the process of planning, designing, sharing, and potentially selling your digital creations.

step-by-step video tutorials

I will bring you right into some of the most popular graphic design programs and demystify the design process. I will show you how to create printables from beginning to end, and how to set up workflows and use some of my favorite time-saving tricks.

printable exercises

What's a course about printables without some printables? These assignments correspond to the discussion in the video and help you plan, organize, and understand the various steps of the design process.

Please note that the design programs and software discussed in this course are all sold separately. 

Class Curriculum


I know there's probably a lot running through your mind, but here's something important that I want to share with you: I credit printables as the number one contributor to the growth of my blog. I want to put some of your fears to rest and show you why I believe they are so important.


"I'm not good with technology, and those graphic design programs look too complicated for me."

While programs like Adobe Illustrator can be intimidating at first, they are actually really intuitive and user-friendly once you get to know your way around a bit. The key is to nail down a basic workflow at first and learn to use only the tools that will aid you in being able to create a printable. I can show you how to do this, along with some fun tricks that will save time and maximize productivity. Once you begin to get comfortable, I know you will feel confident in exploring and using these programs to their potential.


"It seems crazy to spend money on these programs and the course when I'm planning to share these printables for free."
Free printables are an investment in your blog. High-quality free printables draw in a large number of pageviews and subscribers. On a very simple level, if you monetize your blog, pageviews bring in ad revenue. By following the system I outline in the course, you can bring an even greater value to your blog: building a relationship with a subscriber. Not only do happy and loyal subscribers keep coming back for more of your blog -that's even more pageviews- but more importantly you've built up a great relationship. They know and trust that you create incredible things already, so when it comes time to sell a digital product, you will have a confident customer.


"I already have too many blogging-related tasks. I don't have time to take a course or make printables."

The great thing about this course is that you have lifetime access and you can take it at your own pace. It will keep track of where you left off, and you will be able to go backward in the course to review at any time.

I also assure you that it is worthwhile to make the time to learn and then to create printables. All of my posts with free printables are among my top posts, and I've spoken to many blogging friends who have found the same thing. If you maximize the potential of those posts by converting the pageviews to subscribers, you're well on your way to building a thriving community of readers.


"Even if I create these printables, what do I do with them next?"
I know the tech side of printables can be confusing for a lot of people. In the course I walk you through setting up a basic post with a download and then more advanced methods, such as collecting an email address in exchange for the printable. I also show you the best practices for getting the post out into the world, so that you can get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and any future updates for as long as the course is sold.

What is the refund policy for this course?
If you are not satisfied with this course, please contact us within 30 days of purchasing to request a refund. Please be prepared to provide proof that you have completed the lessons and assignments and made an effort to implement the strategies in this course. I feel strongly that if you take the time to complete the lessons and action steps that you will see the results from this course!


What is the format of this course?
The course is a combination of videos and printable assignments. Some of the videos are slideshows with voiceover, the tutorials are screencasts with voiceover, and some of the videos are a combination of both!


How do I access the videos and assignments of the course?
After enrollment, you will receive an email with your login credentials and instructions to begin!


Why should I pay for a course on printables when I plan to give them away for free?
I encourage you to look at this course and printables in general as an investment. You may be planning to give printables away for free initially, but you will receive advertising revenue from the pageviews they bring in (and trust me, they bring in pageviews!). Through the strategies in this course, you will also be building a valuable relationship with your subscribers that will eventually pay you back abundantly.

Can't I just find the information you share for free?
That was how I learned years ago, and I can promise you that it's not easy or quick to find all of the things I teach in this course. I've gathered as much as I possibly can on the subject of creating printables in one place, and go through it all step-by-step.

I have a question you haven't mentioned.
If there's something here I didn't include, please email me at: hello (at) ninahendrick (dot) com and I will be happy to help you!


Hey, there! I'm Nina.

Most days you can find me sneaking in as many pages as I can from a good book. My style is New England through and through. I love old houses, rustic furniture, and big red barns. The thing I love most about what I do is helping people create a meaningful space that they can enjoy with those they care about. 

Here's some food for thought.

Before I began sharing and selling printables:

  • I did not seem to connect with my readers. The comments section and my inbox were crickets.
  • I did not have the traffic that I was hoping for.
  • My business did not show a profit.

Since I began sharing and selling printables:

  • My readers are happy and engaged. They comment and email me frequently to share how much they love the printables.
  • My traffic has grown to a level over six figures monthly and the ad revenue helps to support my business.
  • The ad revenue combined with sales of my printable planner help my business not just break even, but instead help provide extra household income.
  • Since implementing a system of collecting email addresses for printables my subscriber list has grown exponentially, and those subscribers are engaged and loyal. This has lead to more pageviews and sales of my digital products.
  • I feel great about being able to express myself creatively with my printables.

Bottom line:

Printables make your people happy, which makes you happy. They will help you to grow your blog, which ultimately leads to more income. Everyone wins!


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