Create a Cohesive Color Scheme for Your Entire Home, Step-by-Step


Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home Can Be Challenging.

When it comes to your paint colors, does this sound like you?

"My colors are so dated."

"They don't match the other finishes in my home."

"I just don't like them! They aren't my style."

"I'm afraid I'm going to get it wrong."

"I don't even know where to start!"

So often we just live with what makes us unhappy. Even though we're ready to make a change, we struggling with indecision and a lack of confidence.

What if you had a solid plan based on the principles of color theory, the lighting for your specific home, and guided by the mood you want to convey in your space?

That, my friend, is what I call a Color Story. 

It's as simple as it sounds, a collection of colors that tells the story of your home. 

With a Color Story, you're able to make color decisions confidently, knowing they were chosen based on a proven system. 


No more overhelm standing in the middle of a sea of paint chips. No more mindlessly scrolling Pinterest and tossing up the first color that catches your eye, only to find it looks completely different in your house. 

Instead, you can have a home that conveys the feeling you want to evoke, whether it's light and neutral, warm and cheerful, or bold and moody. Even the most tricky lighting and permanent finishes won't hold us back.

I've created the Color Story System, which is a simple six-step process that combines Color Psychology, Color Theory, and Lighting Principles. It sounds complicated, but it's actually quite simple, quick and fun! In this course, I bring you through the process step-by-step and teach you only what you need to know. There's no information overwhelm! Once you understand this simple system, choosing colors and the relationships between colors feels like second nature.

This is the very same process that I've used to choose the paint colors in my home, which have been shared on Pinterest hundreds of thousands of times. It isn't just an "eye for color" or instinct, there's a tried-and-true system that anyone can use

I can't wait to teach you what it is! 



(especially if it's the wrong color)


3 video lessons

The three lessons walk you through everything you need to know to create your Color Story, including:

• color theory basics,

• choosing colors for your lighting

• how to choose the different elements of a whole house color scheme. 

+ The videos are responsive across devices.

course guidebook PDF

The course guidebook includes:

• all of your cheat sheets for color principles and lighting principles

•immersive activities that help you work your way through the Color Story System.

It's the perfect reference guide while you're creating your Color Story and beyond!

facebook community

This course includes access to the Nina Hendrick Academy Insiders Facebook Community. This is an exclusive group for members of the Academy's paid courses.

You'll be able to

• discuss potential paint colors

• talk about all things decorating

• ask for feedback on your color story.


Everything you need to know to create a cohesive color scheme that is right for your home, your existing finishes, and your style!


In this lesson we review the basics of Color Theory and study the color wheel. We'll cover color relationships. Most importantly, in this lesson I'll teach you everything I know about finding the undertones in colors- even my system for whites and neutrals. 


There are so many factors that we may not think about that influence paint color! In this lesson we'll go over the different ways colors react to light. We'll figure out the specific lighting for your rooms, which will give us a clear picture of which types of color to choose.


In the final lesson, we bring together everything we've learned so far to create your Color Story. We'll discuss the different elements and how many of each type we need. We'll apply the Color Story System to make sure your colors work for your existing finishes. 


Once you've created your Color Story, the fun doesn't stop there! These bonuses ensure that you will make the very most of your Color Story and help you take action to implement the colors in your home.

The Ultimate Guide to Interior Painting PDF

Once you know your Color Story, I wanted you to have a resource for how to get your colors up on the walls! This guide covers everything you need to know about painting your home: from prep work, to supplies, to technique, to which paint works for which application, to painting cabinets and built-ins, & more! 

Nina Hendrick Design Co.'s Favorite Paint Colors PDF

I've curated collections of my favorite paint colors in each color family from different brands. These are some of the most popular paint colors on the market, and I've identified their undertones so that it will be easy for you to find colors that will work for your space!


Nina Hendrick is a self-taught creative who founded her blog and company in 2010 under the name Enchanting Details. Today, Nina Hendrick Design Co. is a well-known decorating blog and virtual design resource. Nina loves helping others create a happy life and home through decorating, planning, organizing, and simplifying. Her greatest mission is to help you create a meaningful home and embrace the beauty in imperfection.

Her best accomplishments by far are her three young children; Logan, Cooper, and Lyla. When she’s not blogging or designing she can often be found tackling a renovation project with her husband Mack in their 1980s fixer-upper. As a family the Hendricks love to visit their lake cabin in New Hampshire and play on the beach with their golden retriever Lucy. In those rare moments of quiet time, Nina can be found with a good book, cozy blanket, and a warm mug of black hazelnut coffee (or maybe even a margarita!).


Frequently Asked Questions

I notice that you like neutrals. What if I like bright colors?

While I do love neutrals, the concepts I teach in the course are applicable to any type of color! Throughout the course I use many different examples of color schemes beyond just neutrals. I'm used to working with clients with different taste than mine, and so I teach the course from that same perspective! 

What if I'm working around finishes that I don't necessarily like, but I'm not able to change?

This is a big topic in the course! So many people face this same dilemma. I will teach you strategies to tone down permanent finishes you don't necessarily love (and highlight ones you do!). 

What if I'm not ready to paint right away, or I can't paint (renting, etc.)?

This course does focus on paint colors, but the color scheme concept can also apply to things that aren't permanent. It's ultimately up to you, but the course is probably most valuable for those who are planning to paint in the not-too-distant future. 

Will you be designing for me one-on-one and/or giving me personalized ideas?

This is a DIY course, so you will be completing the activities and making design decisions independently. While there is a Facebook community, it is a place to crowd-source your potential ideas. I will be happy to answer questions about the concepts in the course via email and in the group, but I will not complete your Color Story for you. 

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and any future updates for as long as the course is sold.

What is the refund policy for this course?
If you are not satisfied with this course, please contact us within 30 days of purchasing to request a refund. If you pre-ordered, please contact us within 30 days of June 25, 2018. 

What is the format of this course?
The course is a combination of videos and a PDF. The videos are slideshows with voiceover with a few tutorials that are screencasts with voiceover.

How do I access the videos and assignments of the course?
If you pre-ordered, you will receive an email with your information to log in on June 25, 2018 at 1PM ET. 

Can't I just find the information you share for free?
I can promise you that it's not easy or quick to find all of the things I teach in this course. I've created a system of everything you need to know and nothing that you don't and will guide you through it in this course step-by-step. 

I have a question you haven't mentioned.
If there's something here I didn't include, please email me at: hello (at) ninahendrick (dot) com and I will be happy to help you!

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident that by following the system in this course and doing the activities, you will be able to create a whole house color scheme you love. I know that I did by using this very same system! That's why I back every sale with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If you are not completely satisfied with what you learned in this course, email me within 30 days (if you are pre-ordering, within 30 days of June 25, 2018) with the work you've done for the course and you will receive a full refund. 


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